Manual PCB chemical procesing lines

Manual processing lines designed for high quality prototype and small scale production of PCBs. They are made according to specific customer requirements and can be used for a lot of processes:
  • Desmear
  • Chemical metallization
  • Direct metallization
  • Plating of copper, tin and precious metals
  • Finishing coatings: ENIG, Noble, Immersion Tin and others

PCB Processing Line

Tanks are mounted on a steel frame, covered with chemically resistant powder paint. All tanks are covered with a polypropylene tabletop. Behind the tanks are located control units.

Plating tank
Plating tank

Spray and cascade rinse tanks
Spray rinse with cascade rinse

Plating tank control panel
Control panel of plating tank

Интерфейс управления
Touch screen user intreface

Process line is easily configured through user friendly touch screen interface. It allows centrally manage and control major process parameters:

  • Temperature. Alarm signaling in case of low or high temperatures in tanks;
  • Process time. Timing control in process tanks. Each process tank has a Start/Stop timer button and lamp behind the tank. If timer has elapsed the lamp blinks and alarm sound appears;
  • Level in tanks. Pump and heaters protection in case of low level with alarm signaling.