Wet bench

All wet benches are made according to specific customer requirements and can be customized for virtually any process:
  • Electrolytic or electroless metal plating (Au, Cu, Ni, etc.)
  • Etching
  • Developing
  • Cleaning
  • And many more…

 Wet bench

Robust basic frame of wet bench is welded of polypropylene (PP, PPs) to achieve good chemical resistance with most chemicals. All harmful gases and vapours are collected by multi-zone suction board located on the backside. Processing baths and other components installed in tabletop of wet bench. There is a tray under tabletop for emergency leaks localization. For comfortable and secure working, a front transparent sliding door can be stopped in any position.

Processing tanks can be equipped with various components:
  • Filtration unit
  • Temperature control system
  • Conductivity measurement system for rinse bath
  • Chemicals dosing system
  • Ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning systems
  • Programmable power supply for electrolytic process

PTFE Etching bath
PTFE Etching bath

 Filter units
Filtration units

 Pump drain system
Pump drain system

 QDR and Rinse bath with conductivity measurement
QDR and
rinse bath with conductivity measurement

 Also wet bench can be equipped with following options:

  • Fan filter unit
  • Photoresist spin coating module
  • Wafer spin dryer