PCB processing equipment



PCB Processing Line



Manual PCB chemical processing lines 


Manual processing lines designed for high quality prototype and small scale production of PCBs. They are made according to specific customer requirements and can be used for a lot of processes:


  • Desmear
  • Chemical metallization
  • Direct metallization
  • Plating of copper, tin and precious metals
  • Finishing coatings: ENIG, Noble, Immersion Tin and others

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 Stencil cleaner C750

PCB/Stencil cleaner C750


C-750 is designed for cleaning assembled PCBs, stencils and screens from flux, oxide and soldering support substances.




  • Closed loop cleaning process
  • Cleaning chamber with rotating spray arms
  • Cleaning, rinsing and drying in one chamber
  • User friendly touch screen interface
  • Up to 50 recipes with 7 steps each
  • Integrated deionization system


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