Resist processing equipment

Spin coater TCS


Spin Coater TCS



TCS series spin coater is designed for R&D and small scale production in MEMS, Semiconductor, PV, Microfluidics. TCS spin coaters can process a wide range of round wafers starting from pieces up to 150 mm or square substrates up to 125x125mm. It has lot of options available and can perfectly match your requirements.


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Spin coater LCS

Semiautomatic Spin Coater & Developer LCS


LCS is designed for semiautomatic spin coating, developing and etching wafers or square substrates in R&D and small scale production and have following features:



  • User-friendly touch screen interface
  • Up to 5 dosing lines
  • Motorised arm with programmable dispensing height
  • Small footprint 600x625 mm
  • Automatic transparent cover
  • Easy cleaning process bowl


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