Semiautomatic Spin Coater & Developer LCS



  • User friendly touch screen interface
  • Up to 5 dosing lines
  • Motorized arm with programmable dispensing height
  • Small footprint 600x625 mm
  • Automatic transparent cover
  • Wide array of spin-coating chuck sizes
  • Quick and easy chuck change
  • Easy cleaning process bowl

Semiautomatic Spin Coater Developer LCS

LCS is designed for semiautomatic spin coating and developing of wafers and flat substrates and will be the best choice for pilot projects, institutes and R&D. It guarantees high uniformity and repeatability combined with simple operation and maintenance. It can process wafers up to 150 mm or square substrates up to 125x125 mm.

For the best chemical compatibility with dosing chemicals bowl can be made from POM, anodized aluminum, polypropylene, stainless steel or PTFE.
Spin coating process is configured through user friendly touch screen display. User can program up to 50 recipes with 20 steps. Each step may have different speed, acceleration and time parameters.


  • Back-side rinse (BSR)
  • Edge bead removal (EBR)
  • Pneumatic syringe dispensing system
  • Motorized syringe dispensing system
  • Pressurized bottle dispensing system with digital gauge and pressure control
  • Various vacuum or mechanical chucks
  • Wafer alignment tool
  • Bowl made of anodized aluminum, polypropylene or PTFE



Wafer size up to, mm


Substrate size up to, mm


Speed range, rpm  

 0 - 10 000

Dosing lines

 Up to 5

Programs stored

 virtually unlimited

Supply voltage

230 VAC 50/60Hz 15A

CDA supply pressure, bar


CDA connector tube, mm


Exhaust, m3


Exhaust connector, mm


Drain connector tube, mm


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg